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Agroeden is an independent producer located in Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas-Ecuador, with more than 700 hectares of Md-2 pineapple, available year round in all sizes.  
We export our product following standardized safety and quality International protocols allowing our product to be found in supermarket chains around de world.


Achieving the highest Md-2 pineapple productivity with outstanding exportation quality, by applying top agricultural practices in an efficient, timely and responsible manner, required to satisfy our international clientele.



Becoming the most successful Md-2 pineapple producer and exporter of Ecuador, while positioning our brand as a premium product worldwide;  produced under strict quality and safety protocols that guarantee protection of the natural resources, community awareness , and safe working environment.




Freedom of Association

AGROEDEN CIA. LDTA. respects the right of its employees to freely associate in any of its forms in order to facilitate communication between employees and administration, to address and manage the concerns that are generated in the Company.

Prohibition of Forced and Compulsory Labor

AGROEDEN CIA.LTDA. prohibits all forms of forced and compulsory labor, whether in the form of captive work, under a long-term endless work contract, work under the terms of bondage, slavery or any other type of non-voluntary work. Any work position held in the company will be exclusively voluntary and the benefits established in the law will be respected.

Abolition of Child Labor

AGROEDEN CIA.LTDA. does not tolerate the use of child labor and adheres to minimum age provisions included in national labor laws and regulations and international standards. In addition, adequate and verifiable mechanisms are used to confirm the age of the candidates for employment during the hiring procedures.

Intolerance towards Discrimination

AGROEDEN CIA.LTDA. strives to create a work environment free of discrimination and physical, sexual or verbal harassment with respect to race, gender, origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, political opinion or social origin. Additionally, it is committed to the faithful compliance of laws and regulations, to the hiring of the disabled.

Establish Fair and Competitive Benefits and Wages

AGROEDEN CIA.LTDA. in full compliance with the labor law and minimum wage, contracts and fairly compensates its employees with respect to the industry and its competition, and seeks to offer them opportunities that allow them to develop their skills, performance and capabilities, providing them as far as possible opportunities for progress.

Working hours will not be excessive

AGROEDEN CIA. LDTA. respects and promotes the right to a reasonable working day, without forcing workers to exceed the limits of overtime allowed by national law and international standards.

Provide Safe and Healthy Work Environments

AGROEDEN CIA.LTDA. works in providing its employees with safe and healthy environments. It also makes every effort to ensure that the risks of accidents, injuries and exposures to risks that affect health are minimized.

Prohibition of inhuman or severe treatment

AGROEDEN CIA.LTDA. prohibits the abuse or punishments of physical type, the threat of physical or sexual abuse or other harassment, as well as verbal abuse or other forms of intimidation.


AGROEDEN CÍA LTDA, is committed to complying with the Rainforest Alliance Regulation and current environmental legislation and regulations of Ecuador

AGROEDEN CIA LTDA fights in favor of the prevention, control and reduction of environmental impact on pineapple production and export activities, related to environmental aspects of electric power consumption, generation of solid waste, atmospheric emissions, and water consumption, among others.

AGROEDEN CÍA LTDA, promotes programs that strengthen the environmental culture of the company, working constantly on continuous improvement of related activities and encouraging the active participation of the community.

AGROEDEN CÍA LTDA. is committed to establishing environmental objectives and goals that allow an optimal development of reforestation and conservation programs for green areas, evaluating progress with respect to previous years.

AGROEDEN CÍA LTDA prohibits the hunting of wild animals in the properties of AGROEDEN CÍA LTDA, with the exception of non-threatened species that are considered pests for cultivation.

AGROEDEN CÍA LTDA, promotes the conservation of green areas, wildlife and water sources, prohibiting the felling of trees, burning of vegetation, fishing, and contamination of the water sources with toxic substances.

Administrative offices:

Av. de los Shyris N32-40 - Edificio Aveiro,  piso 7
Phone:5932 - 3-946050/51 xt: 3001 / 3002
Movil. (5939) 9-3772259
E-mail: info@agroeden.com.ec
Quito, Ecuador

Packing house:

Km. 24 Vía Santo Domingo
Telf.: 5932 - 2773306
Santo Domingo, Ecuador

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