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It is imperative for Agroeden to meet the highest International standards in regards to quality, safety and social responsibility, so we have worked hard to achieve the following Certifications:


Agroeden is the only Md-2 pineapple producer in Ecuador with this certification, which transfers  our clients the warrantee that they are receiving a top quality product that also respects a number of universal principles around the three main pillars of sustainable agriculture:  protection of the environment, human well being and economic viability. 


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International business alliance, created to promote secure and promote supply chain security and international trade, in cooperation with governments and international organizations.


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G.A.P. stands for Good Agricultural Practice – and GLOBALG.A.P. is the worldwide standard that assures it.  Certified since 2004, Agroeden can provide safe and sustainable agricultural practices.     


RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFICATE 2018-2021 GLOBALGAP2016-2017 BASC2018-2019 FincaElEdenCiaLtda 0001
We are members of ASOPIÑA Ecuador, Association of Pineapple Producers of Ecuador, and we are in constant collaboration with the export programs of PRO ECUADOR.


Administrative offices:

Av. de los Shyris N32-40 - Edificio Aveiro,  piso 7
Phone:5932 - 3-946050/51 xt: 3001 / 3002
Movil. (5939) 9-3772259
E-mail: info@agroeden.com.ec
Quito, Ecuador

Packing house:

Km. 24 Vía Santo Domingo
Telf.: 5932 - 2773306
Santo Domingo, Ecuador

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